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Robert Pappas

Robert Pappas was born in and raised near New York City. He went to Georgetown University and N.Y.U Grad Film. He has made a variety of non-fiction and fictional pieces, from a video study of the methodology of the news media in 1981, entitled NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, to SOME FISH CAN FLY.

After N.Y.U., Robert Pappas worked at American Cable Systems, making commercials and directing local cable television. On the side he wrote screenplays. In 1982, he directed a short film about Native American marathon runner, Al Waguie. ABC excerpted it for their New York Marathon coverage. In 1983, he wrote and created a series of short informational segments entitled THE COMPUTER MOMENT, designed to demystify computers. In 1986, he wrote the feature screenplay NOW I KNOW. Over the next couple of years he developed the project, shot a bit of the script for promotional purposes, then raised the financing and directed the movie in 1989. The resultant film was licensed by the LIFETIME network. He has written and directed children's videos and received a Parent's Choice Award in 1994.

His screenplays include WHITE LIES, WASHINGTON, and SNEAKY PEOPLE (his next project, based on a novel by Tom Berger-author of LITTLE BIG MAN)

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Robert Pappas Facts

OccupationWriter, Director

Selected Filmography

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
Beneath The 12 Mile Reef
Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Pappas Restaurant
Raising Heroes
Strange Bedfellows
The First Deadly Sin
Northville Cemetery Massacre
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