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Biography #2 (for The Ice Harvest)

Billy Bob Thornton is an Academy Award-winning writer, actor, director, and musician. Charismatic and versatile, he has cultivated an extensive and impressive career encompassing motion pictures, television, and theater.

As actor, Mr. Thornton was Academy Award-nominated for his performance in Sam Raimi's A Simple Plan, for which he was additionally nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award, and honored with the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, for Best Supporting Actor. That film also earned him the first of his four Golden Globe Award nominations to date, with the others coming for his work in Joel and Ethan Coen's The Man Who Wasn't There (for which he additionally received an AFI Award nomination), Barry Levinson's Bandits, and Terry Zwigoff's Bad Santa. He was named Best Actor of 2001 by the National Board of Review, for his work in The Man Who Wasn't There, Bandits, and Marc Forster's Monster's Ball.

Mr. Thornton's film credits as actor also include Richard Linklater's Bad News Bears, Peter Berg's Friday Night Lights, John Lee Hancock's The Alamo, Richard Curtis' Love Actually, Joel and Ethan Coen's Intolerable Cruelty, Ed Solomon's Levity, Michael Bay's Armageddon, Mike Nichols' Primary Colors, Oliver Stone's U Turn, Alex Cox' The Winner, Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, James Keach's The Stars Fell on Henrietta, George Cosmatos' Tombstone, Adrian Lyne's Indecent Proposal, Taylor Hackford's Bound by Honor, and Mark Rydell's For the Boys. Six years prior to The Ice Harvest, he starred opposite John Cusack in Mike Newell's Pushing Tin. He next stars in Craig Gillespie's Mr. Woodcock and Michael Cristofer's Fade Out.

The 1996 release Sling Blade, which he starred in and directed from his own screenplay, was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, and secured his status as a sought-after actor and filmmaker. He won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and was also Academy Award and Screen Actors Guild Award-nominated for Best Actor; and won the WGA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

As director, Mr. Thornton has also helmed the feature films Daddy and Them (which he also wrote and starred in) and All the Pretty Horses (based on Cormac McCarthy's best-selling novel of the same name), starring Matt Damon, Penélope Cruz, and Henry Thomas.

Prior to Sling Blade, Mr. Thornton had attained sleeper success with the independent feature One False Move, which he wrote (with Tom Epperson) and starred in (for director Carl Franklin).

Among his other screenplays are two more features written with Tom Epperson, A Family Thing (directed by Richard Pearce) and The Gift (directed by Sam Raimi).

Bio courtesy Focus Features for "The Ice Harvest" (18-Dec-2005)

Biography #3 (for Levity)

Academy Award-winning writer, actor, director and musician, Billy Bob Thornton has an extensive and impressive career in motion pictures, television and theatre. Charismatic and uniquely talented, Thornton has established himself as one of the most sought after filmmakers of his generation. Following the completion of Levity, Thornton is currently celebrating a high water mark in his career. Demonstrating the versatility of his acting abilities, Thornton starred in the caper comedy Bandits for director Barry Levinson and co-starring Bruce Willis and Cate Blanchett; the noir The Man Who Wasn't There for the Coen Brothers; and the heart wrenching drama Monster's Ball, in which he co-starred with Oscar-winner Halle Berry, Heath Ledger and Peter Boyle. Each of the three performances garnered Thornton unprecedented critical acclaim, and resulted in him being named Best Actor of 2001 by the National Board of Review, Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor in a Drama for The Man Who Wasn't There and Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for Bandits, and an American Film Institute Award nomination for Best Actor for The Man Who Wasn't There. Thornton's 1996 release of the critically acclaimed and phenomenally popular feature film Sling Blade, which he starred in and directed from an original script he wrote, firmly secured his status as a preeminent filmmaker. For his efforts, he was honored with both an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. The film, produced by The Shooting Gallery and released by Miramax, also starred Robert Duvall, J. T. Walsh, Dwight Yoakum and John Ritter.

Prior to Sling Blade, Thornton already had an extensive motion picture credit list. He wrote and starred in the character drama One False Move, which brought him immediate critical praise. Thornton's powerful script (co-written with Tom Epperson) was enhanced by his intense performance as a hunted criminal. The film, directed by Carl Franklin, was a sleeper success.

In addition, Thornton has been featured in such films as The Winner for director Alex Cox, Indecent Proposal directed by Adrian Lyne, Dead Man for director Jim Jarmusch and in Tombstone, directed by George P. Cosmatos. Thornton has also appeared in the films On Deadly Ground, Bound by Honor, For the Boys and The Stars Fell on Henrietta.

As a writer, Thornton has worked on numerous projects for United Artists, Miramax, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. , Touchstone Pictures, Island Pictures, David Geffen Productions and HBO. He also scripted A Family Thing, a highly regarded feature film that starred Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones for United Artists.

Thornton co-starred in the blockbuster action-adventure film Armageddon with Bruce Willis for producer Jerry bruckheimer and he has also co-starred opposite Sean Penn, Nick Nolte and Jennifer Lopez in U-Turn, directed by Oliver Stone and in Primary Colors opposite John Travolta and Emma Thompson for director Mike Nichols. He also starred in the dark comedy Pushing Tin opposite John Cusack, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie.

Thornton received an Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor for his celebrated work in the drama A Simple Plan for director Sam Raimi, as well as a Best Supporting Actor award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and a Best Supporting Actor nomination from the Screen Actors Guild. For his second and third directorial outings, Thornton chose the comedy Daddy and Them, which he again wrote and starred in, and the best-selling Cormac McCarthy novel, All the Pretty Horses, starring Matt Damon, Penelope Cruz and Henry Thomas. Thornton also co-wrote The Gift, starring Cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi and Hilary Swank.

Bio courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment for "Levity" (30-Mar-2003)