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Biography #2 (for Bobby)

Joshua Jackson's credits include his popular roles as fast-talking Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek, as well as such feature films as The Mighty Ducks series, Cruel Intentions, Skulls, Urban Legend, The Laramie Project, The Safety of Objects and more. He was most recently seen in the ABC family telefilm Shadows In The Sun. Jackson also starred on London's West End in David Mamet's A Life In The Theatre alongside Patrick Stewart.

Bio courtesy MGM for "Bobby" (19-Nov-2006)

Biography #3

Best known as Dawson's Creek's fast-talking, self-deprecating Pacey Witter, Joshua Jackson stars in Rose Troche's upcoming indie drama The Safety of Objects (release date: TBA, 2002), which made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2001.

As Paul Gold, a suburban son whose coma galvanizes those around him, Joshua is part of an all-star cast, which includes Glenn Close, playing his mother, Dermot Mulroney, Timothy Olyphant, Robert Klein and Patricia Clarkson.

He recently starred in the HBO Films version of Moises Kaufman's acclaimed play The Laramie Project, appearing alongside Laura Linney, Peter Fonda, Christina Ricci, Steve Buscemi, Janeane Garofalo, Camryn Manheim and Amy Madigan.

Set in Laramie, Wyoming during the aftermath of the murder of 21-year-old gay college student Matthew Shepard, the film, which was the Opening Night Premiere at Sundance 2002, depicts those directly affected by the events surrounding Matthew's death and the subsequent trials.

As Matt Galloway, the emotional center of the film, Joshua plays an indifferent eyewitness who is transformed into a man in full realization of his responsibility to society. He is the part in all of us that asks the painful but necessary question, what could I have done to stop this terrible crime?

In spite of his recent celebrity, Joshua has been working in front of the camera for more than a decade. His first feature film was Michael Bortman's Crooked Hearts (1991), which was quickly followed by the Mighty Ducks trilogy. While playing Charlie, the coach's hockey prodigy and the team's voice of reason, he also appeared in Digger and Andre the Seal.

More recently, Joshua became a leading man in Universal Pictures' The Skulls. He had noted cameos in Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's 11, Cruel Intentions and Urban Legend, and featured performances in Gossip, Bryan Singer's Apt Pupil and Scream 2.

The Vancouver native decided on an acting career at age nine – his first job was an ad campaign for Beautiful British Columbia. Working on location for Dawson's Creek, which was recently renewed for a sixth season, Joshua resides in Wilmington, North Carolina but still calls Vancouver home.

Bio courtesy William Morris Agency (06-Dec-2004)

Biography #4

Joshua Jackson starred as 'Pacey Witter' on the enormously successful series Dawson's Creek, now in its second season.

Jackson will next be seen in Warner Bros.' Gossip alongside Kate Hudson and James Marsden, while his most recent feature film roles have included Phoenix Pictures' Apt Pupil, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Ian McKellen and Brad Renfro, and Columbia Pictures' Urban Legend.

Jackson's first feature film role was in Michael Bortman's Crooked Hearts in 1991, which was followed by Andre the Seal, Tombstone, Digger and Magic in the Water. He also starred in the Mighty Ducks trilogy as Charlie, the coach's prodigy hockey player and the team's voice of reason. He also had a cameo role in the hit sequel Scream 2.

Bio courtesy Universal Pictures (01-Jan-2000)