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Juliette Binoche Quotes

23 quotations by Juliette Binoche

QuoteWhat makes a person sexy is when he's not trying to be sexy.Quote

QuoteWhat I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it.Quote

QuoteThere was probably something as a child I wanted to express, something unsaid that I needed to share.Quote

QuoteOh, I'll be forgotten too, don't worry.Quote

QuoteMy ambition is to have beautiful encounters, not to make money.Quote

QuoteMovies are open doors, and at every door, I change character and life.Quote

QuoteMaybe it's because my mother divorced and my grandmother divorced, so maybe I'm frightened deep down. But then I also feel there is no real need. Why do I need to get married? To reassure me? No I don't need reassurance.Quote

QuoteIt's never been my purpose to become an American icon, or more famous or richer.Quote

QuoteI've never thought of my characters as being sad. On the contrary, they are full of life. They didn't choose tragedy. Tragedy chose them.Quote

QuoteI'm not obsessed by looks. I think you can become a prisoner of your own image.Quote

QuoteI would say I'm humanly engaged.Quote

QuoteI was so happy when they cast me in Chocolat, because it's one of my vices.Quote

QuoteI think I am pretty much melancholic.Quote

QuoteI think acting is about forgetting yourself in order to give the best of yourself. It's passing through you more than you're creating it. You're not the flower, but the vase which holds the flower.Quote

QuoteI sometimes feel like I could do another job. Anything. Maybe because as an actress you're playing different characters, everything feels possible.Quote

QuoteI live for the present always. I accept this risk. I don't deny the past, but it's a page to turn.Quote

QuoteI like travelling and if I have to come to Hollywood to make a movie I will, but otherwise I'd never move there. It's very much an industry town and that doesn't really interest me.Quote

QuoteI learned a lot last year about the current difficulties in independent film making. Money is promised one minute and gone the next. I was bitterly disappointed about Scheherazade. It was one of the best scripts I have ever read.Quote

QuoteI don't believe in coincidence.Quote

QuoteFor me, habit is just a synonym for death.Quote

QuoteEach new film is like a trial. Before I step in front of the camera, I do not know whether I am going to fall or whether I am going to fly - and that is exactly the way I want it to stay.Quote

QuoteBut I've never felt that being an actress is being in a comfortable place. It's seen from the outside that we're being driven in big cars and having these gorgeous suites and all of that. But come on, it's not about that.Quote

QuoteActing is a tough business, and you need to be in good shape mentally and physically.Quote