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Miranda Otto Quotes

9 quotations by Miranda Otto

QuoteThe guys on the stunt team are really fantastic. It's really funny, because for all the aggression they have to display on screen, they're actually really happy, good- natured people.Quote

QuoteIt is hard sometimes to see how other actors are working when you are working with them.Quote

QuoteIt could be a stupid thing to say, but people should realize that it is easy to get concerned about yourself and to lose contact.Quote

QuoteIf there is a book that the script came from you have to read it, you have to see what you can get out of it: mood, back story and things that may not even be in the film. They kick off your imagination and broaden the character, I think.Quote

QuoteI'd always had a big thing for the '60s.Quote

QuoteI think you go through a period as a teenager of being quite cool and unaffected by things.Quote

QuoteI think film likes me better than the theatre does for some reason.Quote

QuoteI like working intensely, then going away and thinking about it, working out why it didn't work and then coming back to it. It makes the work richer, I think.Quote

QuoteI find that I get very lost in certain things and that it is hard to let go. Often, certain characteristics stay with you from characters.Quote