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Kathie Lee Gifford Quotes

26 quotations by Kathie Lee Gifford

QuoteWhen I was almost 13 I was ripe for religion. I was actually just plain ripe.Quote

QuoteWe're imperfect people trapped in an imperfect world until we get to that place beyond.Quote

QuoteWe heard stories about fakery and decoys at revivals. I never personally saw any trickery.Quote

QuoteTo me an audition is 30 crazed people in a room waiting to be axed.Quote

QuoteThey don't call me spontaneous and irreverant for nothing.Quote

QuoteThere were no bigger stars in the new evangelism than the Bakkers.Quote

QuoteThere was no way we'd ever get spoiled. Daddy made sure to instill in us a work ethic.Quote

QuoteThe payoffs in showbiz seemed as random as a slot machine.Quote

QuoteSexual harassment is complex, subtle, and highly subjective.Quote

QuoteOver the years my mom has become a self-taught Biblical scholar.Quote

QuoteOur culture is in moral chaos. On TV we celebrate freaks instead of honest, decent people.Quote

QuoteOther kids did drugs; I did crafts. I never knew where I fit in.Quote

QuoteLife seemed so simple and joyous when I was growing up.Quote

QuoteIf I'm in love I want to get married. That's how stupid I am.Quote

QuoteIf I could learn to treat triumph and disaster the same, then I would find bliss.Quote

QuoteI would never want to hurt anyone by writing a book.Quote

QuoteI wasn't ever interested in marrying someone else's career or bank account.Quote

QuoteI was told all my life I was part Cherokee. Then it was Crow. The latest is Blackfoot.Quote

QuoteI sang with Anita Bryant in the Southern Baptist churches.Quote

QuoteI once said the Queen of England could use some fashion advice.Quote

QuoteI felt no stigma whatsoever in becoming the third Mrs. Gifford.Quote

QuoteI don't think Lloyd's of London would insure this mouth.Quote

QuoteI did feel from day one that I was a born performer.Quote

QuoteGod didn't bless me with success so I could eat caviar every day.Quote

QuoteFor many people religion can be so easy they stumble right over it.Quote

QuoteA fear of the unknown keeps a lot of people from leaving bad situations.Quote