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Sandra Bullock Quotes

22 quotations by Sandra Bullock

QuoteWomen are like ovens. We need 5 to 15 minutes to heat up.Quote

QuoteThere's something sexy about a gut. Not a 400-pound beer gut, but a little paunch. I love that.Quote

QuoteThe joke or the pratfall is easy for me to do.Quote

QuoteMy first review for the TV movie The Bionic Showdown said I was as interesting as a bus ride.Quote

QuoteI've made mistakes, and I know why I made them, but I made that choice. Nobody's ever made a choice for me.Quote

QuoteI've lived next door to people all my life. I don't know how cute they think I am.Quote

QuoteI've done all my tricks. I'm tired of myself.Quote

QuoteI've been in enough films where the studio wanted that extra little cuteness to make it sellable.Quote

QuoteI'm a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good.Quote

QuoteI was a brownie for a day. My mom made me stop. She didn't want me to conform.Quote

QuoteI think every human being has a level of melancholy in life and in general.Quote

QuoteI love raw cookie dough, right out of the tube. The other thing I eat is marshmallow fluff.Quote

QuoteI have these big piano-playing hands. I feel like I should be picking potatoes.Quote

QuoteI have a thing for red-haired Irish boys, as we know.Quote

QuoteI don't like guys who will lie down and take it. I want someone who'll fight back. I like people who can argue well.Quote

QuoteI can install toilets. I know all about the wax ring. I can tile floors. I'm learning how to do basic wiring.Quote

QuoteI basically became a cheerleader because I had a very strict mom. That was my way of being a bad girl.Quote

QuoteGreat acting may be a turn-on, but it won't make me fantasize about the person for a week.Quote

QuoteEveryone told me to pass on Speed because it was a 'bus movie.'Quote

QuoteEveryone does things for love.Quote

QuoteDon't corral me, and I'll always come home. Just let me go out and play during the day.Quote

QuoteDoes age matter? Time doesn't matter.Quote