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Biography #2

Boothe has an extensive list of feature film credits, including Men of Honor, opposite Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert DeNiro; the Oliver Stone films U-Turn, with Sean Penn and Nick Nolte, and Nixon, with Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris; Blue Sky, opposite Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones; and Tombstone, with Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, and Charlton Heston. His other film credits include Sudden Death, Rapid Fire, Extreme Prejudice, The Emerald Forrest, Red Dawn, A Breed Apart, and Southern Comfort.

Boothe garnered an Emmy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Reverend Jim Jones in the television movie Guyuna Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones. He has also starred in numerous other television productions, including the mini-series Joan of Arc, opposite Leelee Sobieski and Jacqueline Bissett; The Spree, opposite Jennifer Beals; and the mini-series True Women, with Dana Delaney.

Boothe also played the lead in the television movie By Dawn's Early Light, opposite Rebecca DeMornay and James Earl Jones, and the lead character of Philip Marlowe in the HBO series Philip Marlowe, Private Eye. His additional television credits include Marked for Murder, Family of Spies, Into the Homeland, A Cry for Love, and A Crime of Passion.

Bio courtesy USA Network (19-Jul-2002)