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Biography #2 (for Just Like Heaven)

Donal Logue is well known to both film and television audiences for his work in a wide range of projects. He recently completed production on two upcoming film projects: the action thriller Ghost Rider, with Nicolas Cage; and Edward Burns' comedy The Groomsmen. Both films are due out in 2006. He is also currently developing El Centro for the FX Network, a one-hour series he will write, produce and star in.

In 2000, Logue won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for his performance in the acclaimed independent film The Tao of Steve. In addition, Logue wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film Tennis, Anyone, which debuted at the 2005 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado.

Logue's other film credits include The Patriot, Reindeer Games, Runaway Bride, Blade, Jerry Maguire, Diabolique, 1994's Little Women, Gettysburg, and Sneakers, in which he made his feature film debut.

Logue has recently been seen on television's hit drama series ER in the recurring role of paramedic Chuck Martin, who is married to Sherry Stringfield's Dr. Susan Lewis. MTV fans recognize him as Jimmy the cab driver, and he also starred in the WB sitcom Grounded for Life. Additionally, Logue has been seen in a number of longform projects, including And the Band Played On and Darrow.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Logue was raised in El Centro, California, near the border of Mexico. He went on to attend Harvard University, where his interest in theatre and acting was first sparked. He performed in more than 30 plays and worked for two summers with the American Repertory Theatre's Harvard/Radcliffe Summer Stock Company. He also studied at the British-American Drama Academy in London and traveled the U.S. with the Cornerstone Theatre Company, developing community theatre in rural parts of the country.

Bio courtesy DreamWorks for "Just Like Heaven" (16-Oct-2005)

Biography #3 (for Comic Book Villains)

Donal Logue has a varied and extensive resume that reflects his position as one of the busiest actors today. He was recently seen in Jenniphr Goodman's The Tao of Steve, the story of a larger-than-life philosophizing lothario, which debuted at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival and won Logue a Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Performance.

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Logue moved to the Boston area as an infant and then lived in various towns on the Mexican border while growing up. From there, he returned to Boston and went to Harvard, where he majored in Intellectual History. While in college, Logue performed in over thirty plays and worked for two summers in the American Repertory Theatre's Harvard/Radcliffe Summer Stock Company.

After graduation, Logue spent some time in England, traveled the U.S. with the Cornerstone Theatre Company developing community theatre in rural parts of the country, and even served as road manager for local Boston punk bands The Lemonheads and Bullet LaVolta.

In 1989, Logue landed a part in the Michael Newell-directed CBS min-series Common Ground and in the American Playhouse movie Darrow. His career took off from there and over the next eight years Logue completed forty films, including Myles Connell's The Opportunists with Christopher Walken, Roland Emmerich's The Patriot starring Mel Gibson and Steal This Movie, co-starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Janeane Garafalo and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Other film credits include The Million Dollar Hotel, Runaway Bride, Jerry McGuire, Reindeer Games, Diabolique, A Bright, Shining Lie, And The Band Played On, Blade, Metro, The Grave and Gettysburg. He also created the memorable character of Jimmy the Cabdriver for a series of award-winning MTV promos and appeared in numerous television shows.

Currently, Donal Logue can be seen starring in the Carsey-Werner Fox sitcom Grounded For Life, in which he plays a young father who wrestles with his need to be a grown-up in spite of his impulsive desire to be irresponsible.

Logue and his girlfriend live between New York and Los Angeles and they have one child.

Bio courtesy Lionsgate Films for "Comic Book Villains" (07-Oct-2002)