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Larry Bagby

Larry Bagby will be seen in a number of upcoming films including the comedies Believe and Church Ball with Andrew Wilson and Fred Willard. Last fall, he played the lead role last fall in the indie Saints and Soldiers, which in addition to the 21 festival awards it won, was also nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards.

Born and mostly raised in California, Bagby began working in the entertainment industry at a young age. One of his first jobs was a recurring role opposite Tobey Maguire in his series Great Scott. He also made guest-appearances on popular shows such as Married With Children and Thirtysomething and had co-starring roles in the films Hocus Pocus and Airborne. He is probably most recognized for his recurring role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where he played gay football hero Larry Blaisdell. Other guest-star roles include JAG, CSI, and Malcolm in the Middle.

When not working on film or TV sets, Bagby can be found in the studio, where he recently finished work on his debut album, Where I Stand, a mix of country and rock and roll songs that he wrote, sings and plays some of the instruments on. In whatever spare time he has left, which is not much, you can occasionally catch him at comedy clubs around town doing his stand up act, which features uncanny impressions of Michael J. Fox and Chewbacca.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2005.

Larry Bagby Facts

BirthdayMarch 7, 1974 (49)
BirthplaceMarysville, California, USA

Selected Filmography

Forever Strong
Walk The Line
Age of the Dragons
Saints & Soldiers
Pirates of the Great Salt Lake
Hocus Pocus
Nephi & Laban
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