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Biography #2 (for The Lyon's Den)

Matt Craven portrays George Riley, the pro-bono lawyer committed to protecting his small clinic, in the new NBC drama The Lyon's Den.

Craven has numerous film and television credits to his name. His feature film debut was in Ivan Reitman's Meatballs. Soon after that, he received an Academy Award nomination for the film, Bravery in the Field, which was done for the National Film Board of Canada. Since then, he has been featured in acclaimed films such as Tin Men, Jacob's Ladder, A Few Good Men and Crimson Tide. In the past year, he has made four films including The Clearing and Timeline, both due to be released around Thanksgiving. He is currently shooting Norman Jewison's feature, The Statement. Craven has been seen in various television miniseries, movies of the week, cable and network shows as well. He starred in Showtime's Bleacher Bums and was a series regular on the television series L.A. Doctors. He has had recurring roles on NBC's acclaimed shows, ER and Boomtown.

In his free time, Craven likes to coach youth basketball and baseball, and he enjoys golf and pool. His charities include California Police Activities and Cure Autism Now – C.A.N.

Craven lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Sally, and their two children, Nicholas and Josephine.

Bio courtesy NBC for "The Lyon's Den" (12-Oct-2003)