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Michael Curtiz
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Michael Curtiz

Film director Michael Curtiz was born in 1886 in Budapest, Hungary (then Austria-Hungary) and died in 1962 in Hollywood. In 1912 he began his acting and directing career as Mihály Kértesz in Hungary (43 films) and, after World War I, continued his work (another 21 titles) first in Vienna, Austria (e.g. with the monumental 1922 silent film Sodom and Gomorrha) and then in Germany.

In 1926 Curtiz emigrated to the United States. The interesting thing about his Hollywood career is that he did not specialize in any one genre. His lifelong struggle with the English language has been confirmed in numerous anecdotes.

Selected filmography: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938); Angels with Dirty Faces (1938); Dodge City (1939); The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939); The Seahawk (1940); Casablanca (1942); Mildred Pierce (1945); Night and Day (1946) (starring Cary Grant as Cole Porter); White Christmas (1954) (starring Bing Crosby); The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960);

Note: This profile was written in or before 2003.

Michael Curtiz Facts

Birth Name Manó Kertész Kaminer
BirthdayDecember 24, 1886
BirthplaceBudapest, Hungary
Date of deathApril 10, 1962 (age 75)
Awards1944 Academy Awards: Best Director (for Casablanca)

Selected Filmography

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