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Kenneth Williams Quotes

7 quotations by Kenneth Williams

QuoteWe know grooming is important for people. To get their hair done, to get makeup and things like that - that makes a person feel better.Quote

QuoteThe nice thing about quotes is that they give us a nodding acquaintance with the originator which is often socially impressive.Quote

QuotePeople need to be peppered or even outraged occasionally. Our national comedy and drama is packed with earthy familiarity and honest vulgarity. Clean vulgarity can be very shocking and that, in my view, gives greater involvement.Quote

QuoteIt was Noel Coward whose technique I envied and tried to emulate. I collected all his records and writing.Quote

QuoteI see myself as a roving mosquito, choosing it's target.Quote

QuoteI found that if I got up on the stage to entertain the troops I could make them shut up and look.Quote

QuoteA fan club is a group of people who tell an actor he's not alone in the way he feels about himself.Quote