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Roger L. Jackson

Roger L. Jackson

As a youth growing up in Georgia, Roger L. Jackson spent far too much time in front of the television. That, and a love of puppetry, started him performing at an early age.

Best known as the Voice of the killer in the Scream movies and as the evil simian genius Mojo Jojo on The Powerp uff Girls, Jackson has also worked on Disney's The Book of Pooh; Tim Burton's Mars Attacks; Celebrity Deathmatch (as Groucho Marx and Mel Gibson); Monkeybone; Titan A.E.; The Wild Thornberry's Movie and appeared on camera in Just One Night, Nash Bridges and Ron Howard's EDtv.

As a formally trained stage actor, Jackson has performed Shakespeare, Chekov and Albee (for which he won an award for directing). As a voice actor, his commercial clients include Hershey's, Levi's, Saturn, Taco Bell and Apple Computers.

Jackson has also been active in the electronic games industry; voicing monsters for Dungeon's & Dragons; heroes for Galleon and Baldur's Gate and working for several Star Wars and Star Trek programs. He is also the announcer on EA's Tiger Woods Golf provides voices for all the original cats on the Catz virtual pet program; contributed to Final Fantasy X and has done educational programs for The Learning Company and Broderbund. For American McGee's Alice, Jackson provided the voice for the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and Jabberwocky. For an EA Sherlock Holmes game, Jackson did over thirty characters; he provided more than fifty for a forthcoming medieval project for Amuse interactive and was once a three-headed, man-eating plant that sang in harmony with itself.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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Selected Filmography

Fast & Furious
Do the Right Thing
Riddick: The Complete Collection
Coach Carter
Titan A.E.
Riddick Collection
Eve's Bayou
Chicago 10
Dark Fury
The Powerpuff Girls: Season 1
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