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David Janssen Quotes

23 quotations by David Janssen

QuoteWhen you do kids music, you don't get played on the radio.Quote

QuoteThey've taken me to rock and roll land, country rock land, and spiritual land... and that's all inside of me.Quote

QuoteThe music I've created has almost always connected.Quote

QuoteThe best thing about this particular type of success is that I feel like the biggest teacher in the world.Quote

QuoteSomeone told me years later that I played a wicked rhythm guitar, they said that was because I hit down on the top strings first which gives the guitar chords a stronger dose of treble.Quote

QuoteSo, bad luck turned into good. I believe it can always be that way.Quote

QuoteSay something, do something that means something in this world.Quote

QuoteLife deals us strange turns.Quote

QuoteIt didn't occur to me that I should restring the guitar.Quote

QuoteIf you go back to music I've written since I began. Varied. But, there's a thread of similarity.Quote

QuoteI've been down lots of roads, musically and physically.Quote

QuoteI'm still writing and thinking kids music.Quote

QuoteI'm left handed and do everything left handed.Quote

QuoteI searched through a local college placement office and found that the only direct dial phone call overseas was to Guam. I called and while I was still on the phone, they said they would hold positions for both my wife and I.Quote

QuoteI just took a right handed guitar and learned like that.Quote

QuoteDad was a Missouri Synod Lutheran minister in the St. John's district of Portland, Oregon.Quote

QuoteClassrooms are great, don't get me wrong.Quote

QuoteBy and large music is a medium of the senses, expressing emotions.Quote

QuoteBut, this album was well put together and the tones all sound good, the kids who helped were great, the arrangements are not too busy. And it's not overproduced.Quote

QuoteBut, the music that works and expresses inner thought the best is created from true feelings.Quote

QuoteBut, the big push came in 1964 when the Beatles invaded America and I found myself needing a guitar.Quote

QuoteBut, I just wanted to compile songs that I thought kids would like, and that I would like too.Quote

QuoteA green flash is a tropical phenomenon.Quote