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Biography #2

Armin Mueller-Stahl most recently appeared in the sci-fi thriller The Thirteenth Floor.

Last year, Mueller-Stahl starred in the highly-anticipated X-Files Movie. In 1997, he starred in two concurrent releases, David Fincher's mystery thriller The Game, opposite Michael Douglas, and DreamWorks SKG's The Peacemaker, with George Clooney and Nicole Kidman.

Mueller-Stahl received an Academy Award nomination for his work in Scott Hicks' acclaimed film Shine and has won praise for his work in such films as Costa Gavras' Music Box, Barry Levinson's Avalon, Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth, John Avildsen's The Power of One, Steven Soderberg's Kafka and Bille August's The House of the Spirits, among many others. He also wrote, directed and starred in the feature film Conversations with the Beast, which was a character study of Adolph Hitler. On television, he appeared in John Frankenheimer's updated version of the classic Twelve Angry Men, which aired on Showtime.

A native of the former East Germany, Mueller-Stahl appeared in 75 feature films and in an even greater number of plays prior to a blacklisting imposed by the government in retaliation for his endorsement of a manifesto critical of the regime. He subsequently wrote Ordered Sunday, a book that chronicled this period of his life. He emigrated to West Germany in 1980, where he resumed his acting career, working with Rainer Werner Fassbinder in Lola, for which he received the 1982 Dutch Film Prize. He reunited with Fassbinder in Veronika Voss and went on to appear in many films, including Istvan Szabo's Academy Award-winning Colonel Red and Agnieska Holland's Angry Harvest, for which he won the Best Actor prizes at both the Montreal and Berlin Film Festivals.

Bio courtesy Columbia Pictures (01-Jan-2000)