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Chi McBride Quotes

9 quotations by Chi McBride

QuoteYou have to take some dramatic license just to make it entertaining sometimes.Quote

QuoteWith Boston Public, you create a character and you have to find what their range of emotion will be, what kind of individual you are dealing with.Quote

QuoteThere is a lot going on in high schools, and I think what we portray is fairly accurate.Quote

QuoteTeachers are out there with a very difficult job, which they pursue with tireless dedication.Quote

QuoteNone of my checks from Paramount bounced.Quote

QuoteLet's be real: It's just TV; it's just entertainment.Quote

QuoteIn movies, I have had the opportunity of working with some of the people that I respect very much.Quote

QuoteI was working at a phone company. I got tired of my life and wanted to change it, so I did.Quote

QuoteI had spent many years before I was 31 hearing people tell me, Oh Man, you're so funny, you need to be in television. But that and a quarter won't get you on a bus.Quote