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Biography #2

Miguel Arteta is a Puerto Rican filmmaker now living in Los Angeles. He graduated from the film program at Wesleyan University in 1989, and received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the directing program at the American Film Institute in 1993.

LUCKY PEACH, his thesis for the American Film Institute, was selected for the 1995 Chicago Latino Film Festival. His musical satire EVERY DAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY was nominated for a Student Academy Award in 1990 and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival that same year.

Arteta's early film experience included study at the documentary program at Harvard University and work on several feature films including Jonathan Demme's COUSIN BOBBY and Sidney Lumet's Q&A.

Arteta attended the 1996 Sundance Institute Writer's Lab to work on BALL AND CHAIN, a script he co-wrote with Ron Nyswaner (PHILADELPHIA).

It was during Arteta's daily drive down Sunset Boulevard -- and passing by the star map vendors who are landmarks along the way -- to AFI that he got the idea for STAR MAPS.

While Arteta's idea of the star map vendors being a front for a prostitution ring is a fabrication, he realized what an interesting backdrop it would be for his story.

Bio courtesy Fox Searchlight (03-Jul-2002)