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Biography #2

Michael Keaton is that rare combination of leading man and character actor who continually reinvents his image, having played everything from the superhero in Batman to the demonic self-described Bio Exorcist Beetlejuice to the completely average house husband Mr. Mom. Most recently he starred as multiple clones of the same character in the fantasy-comedy Multiplicity.

Keaton began his career as a stand-up comic before gaining national recognition as the manic morgue attendant in Ron Howard's 1982 film, Night Shift. In 1988, he starred concurrently as a young man battling drug and alcohol addiction in the acclaimed drama Clean and Sober and as the comic yet horrifying title character in Tim Burton's wildly inventive Beetlejuice, which jointly earned him a Best Actor Award from the National Society of Film Critics.

Keaton continued his association with Burton when he took on the coveted role of the solitary, caped crime-fighter in the back-to-back blockbusters, Batman and Batman Returns. He reteamed with director Ron Howard in Gung Ho and turned in other comic performances in The Dream Team, Mr. Mom and Speechless. His dramatic film credits include the thriller Pacific Heights, in which he first essayed the sort of dark character he portrays in DESPERATE MEASURES, and One Good Cop, in which he portrayed a policeman faced with a dilemma of the heart.

More recently, he starred as a dying man trying to leave a legacy for his child in the poignant drama, My Life, and in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. He also worked again with Howard in the ensemble film The Paper, in which he starred as an ambitious newspaper editor.

Bio courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment (01-Jan-2000)