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Biography #2 (for Ray)

Bokeem Woodbine sprang to national attention in his first film Strapped, the directorial debut of actor Forrest Whitaker. He was recently seen in the award-winning Showtime feature Jasper, Texas.

Woodbine has amassed an impressive string of credits in a variety of feature film projects. He has acted in such comedies as director Christopher Guest's Almost Heroes, Life (opposite Eddie Murphy), The Big Hit and Gridlock'd. The actor has received critical notice for performances in many fine dramas, such as Mario Van Peebles' Panther, Jason's Lyric and Spike Lee's Crooklyn. Woodbine has given memorable television performances in the award-winning shows The Sopranos and City of Angels.

Woodbine is also a talented rock musician who both composes and plays the guitar. The actor is also a formidable martial artist, having studied Kung Fu in the Far East. He will next be seen in the independent feature The Circle.

Bio courtesy Universal Pictures for "Ray" (01-Jan-2005)

Biography #3

Bokeem Woodbine combines an imposing physical presence with emotional depth. He was recently seen in the lead role in the international film BlackMale, the telefilm Sacrifice and the highly acclaimed TV series The Sopranos. Previously, Woodbine starred opposite Matthew Perry and Chris Farley in the comedy Almost Heroes and in The Big Hit, opposite Mark Wahlberg. Additional credits include Life opposite Eddie Murphy, and Gridlock'd, starring Tim Roth and Tupac Shakur. Woodbine won the attention of audiences and critics alike in the film Dead Presidents.

Woodbine, also a talented musician who plays guitar, counts among his additional feature film credits Mario Van Peebles's Panther; Jason's Lyric, opposite Jada Pinkett; and HBO Pictures's Strapped, which marked the directorial debut of actor Forest Whitaker.

Bio courtesy Warner Bros. (01-Jan-2000)