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Jonathan Darby
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Jonathan Darby

Jonathan Darby was born in England and received his undergraduate degree at Oxford University. Darby was a founding member of the Oxford University Touring Theater, acting and directing in productions which toured throughout Britain and Europe.

After finishing Oxford, Darby spent five years with the BBC, rising to become a television director and producer for such award­winning documentary series as Global Report, Under the Sun and Only One Earth.

In 1989, Darby moved to Los Angeles as a Fulbright Scholar and earned a master of fine arts degree in screenwriting at the University of Southern California while working for TriStar Pictures, which he joined in 1990 as an executive assistant to chairman Mike Medavoy. Darby was promoted to senior vice president of production in May of 1992 and went on to supervise such films as Total Recall, The Fisher King, Bugsy, Terminator 2, Hook, Basic Instinct, Cliffhanger, and Legends of the Fall.

In 1993, while at TriStar Pictures, Darby wrote and directed a short film called Contact, with financing from the Chanticleer Films Discovery Program. The film, which starred Brad Pitt and Elias Koteas, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Live Action Short Film.

That successful project led to an assignment as director of The Enemy Within, an HBO feature starring Forest Whitaker and Jason Robards.

Hush is Darby's first theatrical feature.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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