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Biography #2 (for Finding Neverland)

With the critical and commercial success of Monster's Ball in 2001, director Marc Forster solidified himself as a director at ease with the metaphorical and lyrical language of cinema. With the recently completed Stay, Forster continues to foster that reputation. Stay, starring Wean McGregor, Naomi Watts, and Ryan Gosling in a reality-bending thriller about a psychologist whose suicidal client makes bizarre predictions that begin to come true.

It was Marc Forster's unique creative vision that led him to be tapped to direct the Award-winning Monster's Ball, which over the years had become infamous as one of the best scripts floating through Hollywood. Though only his third feature, Monster's Ball received two Oscar nominations - with Halle Berry winning for Best Actress. Teeming with raw emotion and quiet intensity, Monster's Ball offered a powerful glimpse into the encumbering legacies of family and race, loss and redemption, as well as commanding performances by Berry, Billy Bob Thornton, Heath Ledger, Peter Boyle and Sean Combs. In the delicate balance of narrative economy and visual lyricism, Forster rendered a film of unflinching honesty, full of characters struggling to transcend the compromises of their condition.

The seeds of Forster's moody, reflective aesthetic were sown in his second film, Everything Put Together, which he also co-wrote. A creeping, subversive piece of psychological horror about a woman (High Art's Radha Mitchell) who finds herself alienated and haunted after her newborn baby dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Everything Put Together premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival before earning Forster the Movado Someone to Watch/Independent Spirit Award.

Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland, Forster came to the U.S. in 1990 to attend NYU Film School, graduating in 1993. After completing two documentaries for European television, Forster moved to Los Angeles, where he soon made a name for himself based on the offbeat appeal and popularity of his first film Loungers. An absurdist musical about four wannabe lounge singers, Loungers won the Audience Award at the 1996 Slamdance International Film Festival. Forster currently resides in Los Angeles.

Bio courtesy Miramax for "Finding Neverland" (01-Dec-2004)

Biography #3

Marc Forster was born and raised in Switzerland. In 1990 after completing his Swiss Maturity degree, he moved to New York and studied film at NYU, graduating in 1993. He stayed in New York to complete two documentary films for European television: Silent Windows, an intimate look at teenage suicide, and Our Story, a touching exploration of the lives of child burn victims. Then Forster was offered the opportunity to direct Loungers, which was completed in 1996 and won the Slamdance Audience Award. Shortly after, he began collaboratively writing and set out to direct Everything Put Together, which premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival in the dramatic competition and earned him the Movado Someone to Watch / Independent Spirit Award. He recently finished directing Monster's Ball, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry and Heath Ledger for Lions Gate Films. Monster's Ball opens in New York and Los Angeles on December 28th.

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