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Biography #2 (for Amelie)

Audrey was born in Beaumont, France, on August 9th, 1978. After majoring in science and obtaining her Baccalauréat (French high school diploma) with honors, she enrolled in the Cours Florent actors studio while pursuing a degree in French Literature.Winning the 1999 Cesar Award for Best Upcoming Talent in Vénus Beauté marked a turning point in her career.

Director Tonie Marshall's instincts were right on target. Audrey's freshness, her simplicity and unassuming demeanor were warmly received by audiences and could very well propel her to film stardom.

By offering Audrey her first major lead in Amélie From Montmartre, Jean-Pierre Jeunet released her from the ingenue typecast.Amélie's dark-haired cuteness and refreshing innocence make her a very engaging character, brimming with emotion.Considering she once dreamed of becoming an anthropologist, we were fortunate that Audrey opted for cameras over gorillas!Audrey has plenty more in store for us, and we're all looking forward to it ..

for "Amelie" updated 31-Aug-2002