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Rudolf Van den Berg
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Rudolf Van den Berg

RUDOLF VAN DAN BERG is the director and co-writer of Snapshots. Between 1976 and 1984, he made 15 acclaimed documentaries. Since 1984, he has directed seven feature films, four of which have won the Golden Calf, the Dutch equivalent of the Academy Award. His work covers many genres: psychological drama, ghost story, love story, fantasy, thriller and pure art films. His distinguished motion pictures are Bastille and Looking for Eileen, both based on novels by Leon de Winter; Evenings, based on the most important post-war Dutch novel by Gerard Reve; The Johnsons, a disturbing exercise in movie horror; The Cold Light of Day starring Richard E. Grant, a perplexing examination of the philosophy that the end justifies the means, based on the Durenmatt novel and recently remade by Sean Penn with Jack Nicholson; and Goodnight Vienna (originally titled For My Baby), a ghost story about the Holocaust and its long lingering aftermath starring Alan Cumming, which won van den Berg his most recent best director award.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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