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Biography #2 (for Abondon)

Stephen Gaghan won both a Golden Globe and Academy Award for his screenplay for the film Traffic. The film grossed in excess of $100 million and garnered three additional Oscars. While researching Traffic, he wrote the acclaimed film Rules of Engagement directed by William Friedkin, and his first screenplay, Havoc, a teen drama is currently in production.

Gaghan has also scripted seven of the 21 episodes of the horror series American Gothic, a few of the first 13 episodes of David Kelly's award-winning drama The Practice and an episode of NYPD Blue that won him a 1997 Emmy for Best Dramatic Writing.

In addition, Gaghan earned the distinction of having a spot on the 10 Best Unproduced Screenplays list for having cowritten (with Michael Tolkin and Michael R. Perry) $20 Billion, a satiric comedy about Bill Gates and Microsoft for HBO, which is currently in development.

Gaghan's fiction and nonfiction has

Bio courtesy Paramount for "Abondon" (27-Oct-2002)