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Lola Marceli
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Lola Marceli

Born in Alicante, Spain, Lola began her career in acting with a small role in the Spanish film CRAZY VACATIONS. From this stepping point, she gained roles in various television series, including her first leading role in 1991 with A SU SERVICO and other popular series such as CENTRAL BRIDGE and the hit series THE SUPER in which she plays Mercedes, the self sacrificing spouse of Santiago. Lola received professional training at the School of Arts in Malaga for four years while she attended University. After starring in the TV series THE SUPER for Spanish Telecinco, Lola went on to star in the play, TRIPLE SALTO MORTALCON PIRUETA with one of her co-stars Juen Imedio. Lola has also been a presentor for beauty paegants in Spain.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2003.

Lola Marceli Facts

BirthdayOctober 14, 1967 (56)
BirthplaceAlicante, Spain

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