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Hong Chen

In addition to her career as one of the leading actresses in China, Chen Hong began producing feature films and television in 2001, and became an overnight success. Her productions have garnered critical acclaim as well as top awards in China.

Over the course of four years she has produced six television series (over 130 episodes) and five feature films, including her collaboration with her husband director Chen Kaige on Together, distributed by United Artists in the U.S., in which she appeared as the female lead, Lili. The Promise marks their second collaboration.

As an actress, Chen Hong has performed as a lead in more than thirty films and TV series, many of which have been tremendously successful in mainland China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Her career began while still attending high school, and as a college student she performed in the films Dream of the Red Chamber and Romance of the Three Kingdoms (both based on classic works) as well as the China Central Television series Diao Chan.

After graduation, Chen Hong became firmly established as a superstar in China with her roles in such films as: In A Place Far Away, The New Dragongate Hotel and others. Her versatility as an actress has allowed her to portray roles of great disparity - from innocent girls, to rebellious women, to Kung Fu masters and more.

Chosen by the audience as one of the Top Four Actresses of China in 1993, Chen Hong has also been nominated for Best Actress by a major film award in China, and in Singapore was ranked among the top Most Noticeable Actresses of Asia in 1995. For her portrayals of diverse women, in 2002 the All-China Women's Federation appointed her Goodwill Ambassador of Chinese Women. Most recently, CCTV crowned her Best Actress of the Year.

In addition to her roles as an actress, Chen Hong's image has appeared on the covers of hundreds of magazines and newspapers throughout China as a quality ambassador of many prestigious commercial brands.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2006.
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Hong Chen Facts

OccupationActress, Producer
BirthdayDecember 13, 1968 (53)
BirthplaceJiangxi, People's Rep. of China

Selected Filmography

War of The Worlds
The Promise
The Blue Kite
The Golden Child
Red Corner
All or Nothing
The Warrior Within
Hollywood Chinese
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