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6 quotations by Adam Brody

QuoteI'd like to write a little bit. If I could trade being an actor for a writer, I'd rather be a writer. But I don't know if I'm I'm any good at itQuote

QuoteIt's very important to me to love what I do. It was important to me to find a career that I truly enjoy. You can find something that sort of excites you, that's half the battle of life.Quote

QuoteI love movie-making. I'm interested in writing and directing, and I've dabbled, but I haven't done anything I care to brag about. Yet.Quote

QuoteI don't want to be one of those guys who's known for his love life and not his work.Quote

QuoteI wish I came from a more pure place. I don't have something to say from the bottom of my soul. I just know how to take stuff I like and repackage it in a slightly different way.Quote

QuoteLife is so fleeting in a way - and it's unlike me, because I'm very driven, and I get a little obsessive - but I am trying to be very Zen about it. Just enjoy it.Quote