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Biography #2 (for Saved!)

Chad Faust, the 22 year old who was raised in Victoria, has starred in The Ranch, a pilot for Showtime, and Still Life for Fox, which has just been picked up for its first season.

Faust was last seen in All I Want, which features him sporting a long mullet, cheap sunglasses, and a spiked collar alongside Elijah Wood, Franka Potente, and Mandy Moore.

Probably the only actor to play an entire supporting role in nothing more than a green speedo, Faust battled egos with Colin Firth in Disney/Touchstone's Hope Springs, where he played Heather Graham's bible-thumping brother. Faust also starred in Bang, Bang, You're Dead, a film about high school shootings.

Among Faust's other credits are multiple independent films, the CTV television series So?, as well as guest spots on NBC's Skate, Dreamworks' Taken, WB's Black Sash and Smallville.

Faust has written, directed and produced six short films and one feature. We Ran Naked, a feature film about an author living in the shadow of his successful first novel, premiered in 1999, when Chad was just 19.

His new screenplay, Izzy Underwood, is in development to be produced in the summer of 2004. As a solo recording artist, Faust has released two CD's under the independent label, Zotzman Music.

Bio courtesy United Artists for "Saved!" (09-Jun-2004)