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Leighton Meester Quotes

7 quotations by Leighton Meester

QuotePeople say blondes have more fun. I really don't think it's about your hair, it's about how you feel on the inside. I say it's the person who has the fun! Quote

QuoteThe only way to play Blair, or any character, and make her human, is to find what she is inside me, and I know I have my insecurities, too.Quote

QuoteWhen you move from Florida to New York, you're in for a big shock. Quote

Quote(on her love life) I am so good at keeping it not complicated.Quote

QuoteMy mom lived through a lot before I was born, and I can't judge her on that. She and my dad are good people. Look, I could've turned out a lot worse.Quote

QuoteI don't want to have a friend unless I can call them one of my best friends.Quote

QuoteI love New York. You're never alone, but you're always on your own.Quote