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Eugeniusz Bodo
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Eugeniusz Bodo

Eugeniusz Bodo (true name Bohdan Eugene Junod) (1899-1943) - film director, producer and one of the most popular Polish actors of the inter-war period.

Born December 28, 1899 in Geneva, Switzerland as the only son of a Polish emmigrant. In 1910 his family moved to Lódz, where his father opened a revue-cinema. In 1917 Junod moved to Poznan where he joined Teatr Apollo. In 1919 (under a new name of Eugeniusz Bodo) he started acting in various Warsaw-based theatres and cabarets (Qui Pro Quo, Perskie Oko and Cyrulik Warszawski being the most famous). He also played major roles in Warsaw-based Teatr Polski and Wilno-based Teatr Lutnia.

He's best known for his film roles; he played in more than thirty films. In 1932 he was granted with a title of King of Polish Actors and with King of Style in 1936. In 1931 Bodo became a co-founder of the B.W.B. film studio and in 1933 he opened a private producers' company Urania, named after his fathers' cinema in Lódz.

In the spring of 1939 he opened a prestigious Cafe Bodo in Warsaw. During the September Campaign he organized recitals for the Polish soldiers and civilians during the siege. During the German occupation initially he ran his cafe, mostly to let other famous Polish artists earn some money. However, the place became so popular that in 1941 Germans decided to turn it into a Nuer fuer Deutsche cafe for the Wehrmacht and other Nazi organizations.

Bodo rented his Cafe and moved to Lwów, where he joined the Jazz-Tea band led by Henryk Wars. However, he was soon arrested by the NKVD, accused of espionage and, despite being a Swiss citizen, sent to Soviet GULag death camp near Arkhangelsk.

Exact date of his death is not known. He was probably shot to death near Kirov October 7, 1943.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Eugeniusz Bodo Facts

Birth NameBohdan Eugene Junod
OccupationDirector, Producer
BirthdayDecember 28, 1899
BirthplaceGeneva, Switzerland
Date of deathOctober 7, 1943 (age 43)

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