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Biography #2 (for Deadwood)

Paula Malcomson's first appearance in the new HBO western series, Deadwood, is literally explosive. Her character, Trixie, blows a hole right through the head of an abusive john. As the toughest whore in one of the toughest mudstreet towns of the old west, Trixie is a stick of dynamite lighted at both ends.

The energy Malcomson brings to acting reflects the self-reliance and passion for life that propelled Paula from her home in Northern Ireland at age 15. She explored Europe for a few years before locating in New York's East Village in 1991.

Of her childhood in Belfast, Malcomson recalls a constant state of violence and strife, during which "people's spirits were very intensely alive. What better preparation can you have for acting?" All the same, her first stint before the camera was occasioned by chance, when director Michael Almereyda spotted her bartending and cast her in the award-winning experimental film, Another Girl Another Planet. Later that year, writer/director Kevin Jarre cast Malcomson as Allie Earp in Tombstone, the hit western in which she appeared opposite Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell and Sam Elliot.

Having been drawn into acting without formal study, Paula proceeded to combine on-the-job training with extensive class work and theater experience. There followed notable performances in Steven Spielberg's A.I,; Artificial Intelligence, opposite Jude Law, and in Frank Darabont's The Green Mile, as well as in Michael Almereyda's Hamlet, opposite Sam Shepard and Ethan Hawke.

Her stage work, much of it with the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, California, has included many challenging roles, winning her acclaim as Eugene O'Neil's Anna Christie, G.B. Shaw's Liza Doolittle, and Euripidies' Electra. Deadwood provides Malcomson with a new opportunity to carry a character forward over a long period of time, a character that will provide her and the audience with some of the most dramatic surprises of the television season.

Bio courtesy HBO for "Deadwood" (18-Jul-2004)