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Biography #2 (for The Days)

Laura Ramsey, Natalie Day on The Days, is the Hollywood story personified. Fresh out of Laconia High School in Rosendale Wisconsin, she came west to seek her fortune and, while waitressing in a Los Angeles restaurant on Sunset, was discovered by her manager, Lena Roklin. Roklin sent her on her first audition for a movie and she landed the role.

Ramsey studied at the Rippen College of Performing Arts, as well as acting in high school. She's had supporting roles in the theatrical films Lords of Dogtown and Inside Out.

Athletic by nature, Ramsey enjoys basketball, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics and rollerskating. She's very musical as well, and plays both the alto sax and the piano. She also enjoys shooting.

Bio courtesy ABC for "The Days" (06-Aug-2004)