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Sunshine Logrono
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Sunshine Logrono

Emmanuel Logrono (born approx. 1951), better known as Sunshine Logrono is a famous Puerto Rican actor, show host, singer and comedian. Logrono has enjoyed success on Puerto Rican television for four decades.

Logrono's first steps in the entertainment business were with the typical Puerto Rican music group, Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, alongside, among others, Jacobo Morales and Silverio Perez. Haciendo Punto en Otro Son made a few albums during the 1970s, but by the late years of that decade, the group disbanded. However, Logrono, Morales and Perez would soon reunite, adding Horacio Olivo and forming a musical group named Los Rayos Gamma. Los Rayos Gamma had a television show on channel 7, where they satirized politicians with their songs. They went on to make a few albums too.

After Los Rayos Gamma split, Sunshine kept active, making appearances at several tv shows. Then, in 1989, he began hosting a show named Sunshines Cafe on WAPA-TV. Sunshines Cafe was very popular among Puerto Rico's tv viewers. Sunshine played many characters, including a homosexual named Vitin, and many of his phrases became household sayings.

In 1991, Logrono had a chance to star in a Hollywood movie: he acted opposite Martin Short and Kurt Russell in Captain Ron.

According to an interview that Logrono gave Vea one time, one day, he arrived at his office to learn there was an audition for another movie. By his own account, he caught a flight to New York City, made the audition, and flew back to Puerto Rico, arriving just in time to participate at a play in Mayag├╝ez.

Logrono attempted to show his serious actor side in the late 1990s, participating in various theater plays.

He was the host of a show named Sunshine en la Noche (Sunshine at Night). in the big network switch of 2000 Sunshine switched to WAPA and he's currently the host of a show named Club Sunshine

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Sunshine Logrono Facts

OccupationActor, TV Host, Comedian
BirthplacePuerto Rico

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