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Ondrej Trojan

Ondrej Trojan

Ondrej Trojan is a film director, producer and an actor in Prague's cult theater company Sklep. The Trojan family is active in drama, as Ondrej Trojan's father Ladislav is an actor and his younger brother Ivan appears as Richard in Želary. In 1985 he was accepted to the Prague Film Academy, which he completed in 1991. During his studies, Ondrej Trojan was able to film his feature debut Let us sing a song which was penned by his classmates Petr Jarchovský and Jan Høebejk. This film continues to win over audiences at festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. It was also Aòa Geislerová's first film.

In 1992 he directed the two-part film Pension for Czech Television. In the same year, Ondrej Trojan and his colleagues from the Sklep company Tomáš Hanák and Jiøí F. Burda founded Total HelpArt T.H.A. film and television production company. He then helped to realize a series of television films both as a director and a producer with the Sklep theater company, including: Mills (1993), an adaptation of a Sklep-Havel-esque play; Camels in the Mysterious Night (1993); Fireside Stories (1994, 1995), a series of eight short films directed by Ondrej Trojan, Tomáš Vorel, Zdenik Tyc, and Václav Koubek; Forest Wisdom (1997);Multikár Movie Show (1998); and Wartburg Movie Show (1999). In the same period, Trojan and his Total HelpArt realized tens of music videos and commercials.

Since the late 1990s, Trojan has been especially active as a feature film producer. In cooperation with Czech Television, Trojan in 1999 brought Høebejk's successful feature Cosy Dens to the silver screen and a year later Høebejk's next film Divided We Fall which garnered a 2000 Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. In that same year, Trojan acted as producer for Tomáš Vorel's new feature film Out of the City. In 2002, Trojan was a coproducer for a new Slovak-Czech feature film dubbed Cruel Joys. In the spring of 2003 he produced Jan Høebejk's and Petr Jarchovský's newest film Pupendo, which has broken attendance records in Czech theaters once again. The fall of 2003 saw Trojan in his comeback as a director with Želary and Loop the Loop Jan Høebejk's newest film with Trojan as producer.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Ondrej Trojan Facts

BirthdayDecember 31, 1959 (61)
BirthplacePrague, Czech Republic

Selected Filmography

Obcansky Prukaz
Zelary by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment by Ondrej Trojan
Akumul??tor 1 / Obecn?? skola / Zelary
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