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Raymond Benson

Raymond Benson

Raymond Benson is the most recent author of the James Bond novels. His other works include composing music, designing computer games, and directing stage productions.

James Bond works

In 1996, John Gardner resigned from writing Bond books. Benson was chosen to replace him. His James Bond novels include novelisations of the Pierce Brosnan Bond films, with the exception of Goldeneye, which was novelised by Gardner.

Below is a list of his other James Bond fiction:

  • Blast from the Past (short story, 1997)
  • The Facts of Death (1998)
  • High Time to Kill (1999)
  • Midsummer Night's Doom (short story, 1999)
  • Live at Five (short story, 1999)
  • Doubleshot (2000)
  • Never Dream of Dying (2001)
  • The Man with the Red Tattoo (2002)
He resigned from writing Bond books after The Man with the Red Tattoo. He is yet to be replaced.

Benson is also the author of the non-fiction The James Bond Bedside Companion.


Raymond Benson was born in Texas on September 6, 1955. He graduated Permian High School in 1973. As a primary school child Benson took an interest in the piano. His interests extended to films and books. Benson took part in drama at school and became the Vice President of his high school's Drama Department.

Benson was introduced to Bond at the age of 9. His first experience was when he saw Goldfinger, he immediately fell into life long love with the spy series. Another film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, prompted him to want to become a director.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Raymond Benson Facts

BirthdaySeptember 6, 1955 (68)
BirthplaceTexas, USA

Selected Filmography

Bruce Lee: The Man and the Legend
The Flesh is Weak
BBC Shakespeare: Hamlet
Sense and Sensibility Episode 4
Behold a Pale Horse
Joseph: King of Dreams
Silver Streak
Las Vegas Warrior
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