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Biography #2 (for Tru Calling)

Many comedians can only dream of being plucked off the comedy circuit and given their own television show. But for Zach Galifianakis, this dream came true when he was chosen to host and co-produce his own late night cable television show Late World With Zach. His acting credits include the feature films Out Cold, Bubble Boy, Corky Romano, Heartbreakers and Below. For the small screen, his credits include Apartment 2F and Boston Common.

Born and raised in Wilkesboro, NC, Zach, the middle of three children, would perform skits with his siblings in front of his parents. Zach recalls being funny early on in life and he truly believes that besides collecting firewood, this is the only thing he's really good at.

Galifianakis attended North Carolina State University pursuing a degree in Communications and Film. After failing the last course by two points, he got frustrated and decided to move to New York and give acting a try. Upon arriving in the big city, he took acting classes with various instructors. But it was a fellow actor/struggling comedian that recognized his talent and convinced him to do stand-up. Following that advice, Zach found himself doing stand-up in very peculiar situations. His stand-up career began in the back of Hamburger Harry's, a restaurant in Times Square. He also recalls standing on stools in bars around the city, performing at various coffee houses on the Upper West Side and also trying to humor drunk prom kids making out on the floor aboard a cruise boat.

Galifianakis currently lives in Los Angeles.

Bio courtesy Fox for "Tru Calling" (09-Dec-2004)