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Kristen Bell Quotes

5 quotations by Kristen Bell

QuoteI've got more junk in the trunk than most 5-foot-1 blonde girls, and I like it.Quote

QuoteI think that a lot of our fans have gone to unbelievable lengths to show their appreciation for the show. And they are smart; there's no one that's dumb that watches Veronica Mars. You have to pay attention.Quote

QuoteI'm an awful driver. I'm not going to lie about it. I'm not a good driver. I tried for a long time to pretend that I was. There's a lot of road rage and a lot of times it's directed at something I've done on the road.Quote

QuoteYou hate those shows that you hear about, ones that are so good but if you don't get them from the beginning, you can't be part of them.Quote

QuoteI'm not a risk taker. I don't do plunging necklines or really short skirts. I try to stay as classy as possible and provide a little mystery. Quote