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Biography #2 (for Racing Stripes)

Frederik Du Chau studied at the film department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in his native Belgium from 1984 to 1988. He simultaneously traveled the world as a camera assistant for several major European news organizations until his graduation from film school, when he worked as an animator/director for television and commercials in Europe.

In 1989, his short film The Mystery of The Lamb was selected for the Los Angeles Animation Celebration film festival, which brought him to the United States. At the Baer Animation Studio in Los Angeles, he worked as an animator on numerous commercials, which featured animation, combined with live action. He then co-directed the animation/live action short film Sony Wonder, with Hoyt Yeatman of Dreamquest, and directed the animation for the direct to video hit Land Before Time: Time of the Great Giving.

After spending time working as a storyboard artist for animation legend Chuck Jones, he directed the feature animation film Quest for Camelot for Warner Bros. Pictures. This film received a Vision Award for Best Picture in 1999.

He also directed a pilot presentation for Forest Whitaker's Spirit Dance Entertainment entitled Stripped, for which he created a new look that transforms live action into animation in real time.

In 2000, Du Chau, along with Kirk DeMicco, wrote Hong Kong Phooey, a live action comedy about a Kung Fu fighting dog, based on the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon. This project was sold to Alcon Entertainment.

Also with Kirk DeMicco, Du Chau wrote Sky Boys in 2002, a drama about two Irish brothers who fall in love with the same woman while building the Empire State Building. The project is set up at Ascendant Pictures.

Bio courtesy Warner Bros. for "Racing Stripes" (26-Jan-2005)