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Bernd Eichinger

Bernd Eichinger

After graduating from Munich's Film and Television Academy in 1973, Bernd Eichinger founded his first production company, Solaris Film and began a career that was to change the course of the German film industry. His early productions brought international attention to a new German filmmakers like Wim Wenders (THE WRONG MOVEMENT), Edgar Reitz (ZERO HOUR), Hans W. Geissendorfer (THE GLASS CELL) and Wolfgang Petersen (THE CONSEQUENCE).

In 1979, Eichinger assumed directorship of Constantin Film, the Munich-based production and distribution company that he has guided to the forefront of the international film industry. Among his most successful international productions are; Wolfgang Petersen's THE NEVERENDING STORY, Uli Edel's CHRISTIANE F and LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN, Jean Jacques Annaud's THE NAME OF THE ROSE, Doris Dorrie's ME & HIM, Billie August's THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS and SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW.

Most recently, Eichinger produced the Best Foreign Language Oscar winning NOWHERE IN AFRICA and the box-office hits, RESIDENT EVIL and its sequel, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE. He is currently producing THE FANTASTIC FOUR, based on the Marvel comics.

In March 2005, Eichinger will make his stage directorial debut with Parsifal (Daniel Barenboim conducting) for the Berlin State Opera. He will follow that endeavor with his production of the highly anticipated film adaptation of Patrick Susskind's best selling novel, Perfume.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2005.

Bernd Eichinger Facts

OccupationScreenwriter, Producer
BirthdayApril 11, 1949 (72)
BirthplaceNeuburg/Donau, Bavaria, Germany

Selected Filmography

She Gets What She Wants
Wrongfully Accused
House of the Spirits
Resident Evil: Extinction
The Neverending Story
A Girl Called Rosemarie
Fantastic Four
Bernd Eichinger Kollektion
DOA: Dead or Alive
Resident Evil: Afterlife
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