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Tonino Guerra

Tonino Guerra

Tonino Guerra, legendary Italian screenwriter, novelist and poet, has collaborated with Michelangelo Antonioni throughout his career, on L'Avventura, La Notte, Eclipse, Red Desert, Blowup (Academy Award nomination) Zabriskie Point, The Mystery of Oberwald, Identification of a Woman, and Beyond the Clouds.

Guerra has worked with many of the world's leading international directors, including Federico Fellini (Casanova '70, Amarcord, And the Ship Sails On, Ginger and Fred), Francesco Rosi (The Mattei Affair, Lucky Luciano, Christ Stopped at Eboli, Three Brothers, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, The Truce) Vittorio de Sica (Marriage Italian-Style, A Place for Lovers, Sunflower), Theo Angelopoulos (Landscape in the Mist, Ulysses' Gaze, Eternity and a Day) and Andrei Tarkovsky (Nostalghia, Tempo di viaggio). Guerra, who has written nearly a hundred films, has received three Academy Award nominations for his work, on Blowup, Casanova '70 and Amarcord.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2005.

Tonino Guerra Facts

BirthdayMarch 16, 1920 (103)
BirthplaceSantarcangelo di Romagna, Italy

Selected Filmography

Tonino Guerra, A poet in the Movies
Samson and Gideon
The Lady Killer of Rome
Landscape in the Mist
Voyage in Time
Three Brothers
More than a Miracle
A Place in the Cinema
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