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Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge

Norma Talmadge was an American actress.

She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, the daughter of Fred and Margaret Peg Talmadge. Her younger sisters were Constance Talmadge and Natalie Talmadge.

Norma began her career as a model for illustrated slides. Her mother, Peg, encouraged her to become a motion picture actress. She had her first screen success in the small role of the seamstress in the silent movie A Tale of Two Cities (1911).

She married influential movie executive Joseph M. Schenck, who set his wife up with her own production company. After filming the notorious DuBarry, Woman of Passion (1930), Norma Talmadge retired a wealthy woman.

She died in Las Vegas, Nevada, at age sixty-four.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2005.

Norma Talmadge Facts

BirthdayMay 26, 1893
BirthplaceJersey City, New Jersey, USA
Date of deathDecember 24, 1957 (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, age 64)
Height5' 4" (1m63)  How tall is Norma Talmadge compared to you?

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