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Pablo Alarcon
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Pablo Alarcon

Rodolfo Francisco Marabotto, better known in the show business world as Pablo Alarcon, is an Argentine actor who has reached international fame.

Alarcon was born in Pellegrini, a province in Buenos Aires. He lived a normal childhood, showing signs of wanting to become an actor since then.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Alarcon participated in a number of Argentine telenovelas and films. His participation in these gave Alarcon much popularity across his home country, as he became a favorite of the female audience there. During that decade, he got married to Monica Jouvet.

It wasn't until WAPA-TV of Puerto Rico signed him in 1983 to make telenovelas for them that Alarcon reached international celebrity, however.

Alarcon starred alongside Camille Carrion in the international hit Vivir Para Ti, which is generally considered by Puerto Rican television critics to be one of the best soap operas ever made in Puerto Rico. WAPA-TV sold the soap opera to stations in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and other important Latin American markets where Alarcon was not well known before. In addition, since WAPA-TV's transmissions reached the United States Virgin Islands as well, viewers in those islands were able to know Alarcon as well.

While in Puerto Rico, Alarcon met actress Claribel Medina, and the two soon fell in love with each other, beginning a relationship that was both seen with respect and disdain by Puerto Rican television viewers, some of which had problems accepting the fact that Alarcon was 36 at the time while Medina had come out of her teenage period just a few years before. The couple began making the covers of Estrellita, Teve Guia, Vea, Artistas and other Puerto Rican entertainment publications.

Nevertheless, the couple got married in 1985. Alarcon and Medina continued working on various Puerto Rican television projects, which required for Alarcon to become a full time resident of Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Alarcon became known around his wife's country for his constant praising of his new home country on the local media. But the Puerto Rican telenovela industry disappeared after 1989, and the Alarcon-Medina couple, apparently forced by work shortage, decided to move to Argentina.

Back in Argentina, Alarcon semi-retired, acting in a small number of soap operas during the first half of the 1990s. Medina became a celebrity there as well, and the couple had two daughters. They were viewed by many in the Argentine and Puerto Rican media as one of show business' strongest couples, but, eventually, they divorced, ending their relationship on friendly terms.

Alarcon continues acting, doing theatre plays in Buenos Aires.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2005.

Pablo Alarcon Facts

Birth NameRodolfo Francisco Marabotto
BirthdaySeptember 9, 1946 (77)
BirthplaceBuenos Aires, Argentina

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