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Sarah Shahi Quotes

6 quotations by Sarah Shahi

QuoteGoing to the moon made more sense than being an actress on a TV show. It wasn't a reality.Quote

QuoteI'm not one to be messed with. I can be bad when it needs to happen.Quote

QuoteIt's always hard to answer a question like that and not sound cheesy. I put a lot of importance in being a good person. It's such a cliched thing to say. I have tons of aspirations and acting goals, but I want to be well-rounded -- I want to be a fantastic mother and a great homemaker, and I want to find a great charity I love.Quote

QuoteMy very first day [on The L Word] I met Kate [Katherine Moennig] for the first time, and it was like, "Sarah, meet Kate. Kate, Sarah. Kate, you're going to be going down on Sarah. Sarah, you are going to have an orgasm. Welcome to The L Word."Quote

QuoteWhen you walk down the street in Texas, you make eye contact with people and nod at them. In L.A. nobody did, and it really surprised me. You can walk right past somebody and pretend they aren't there. I would say 'hello' to everybody. People looked at me like I was insane.Quote

QuoteI was the teacher's favorite, but never the kids' favoriteQuote