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Alexis Dziena Quotes

4 quotations by Alexis Dziena

QuoteI'm just extremely nervous behind the wheel and very much a spaz when it comes to that. I'm not the kind of person you want driving you around.Quote

QuoteDead Man was probably the first one [movie] I saw. I'm a huge fan of him and Johnny Depp, and after that I had to go and see everything. He's fantastic.Quote

Quote[Talking About Invasion] I think it's kind of interesting when you see something that's got a very science fictiony kind of feel to it and the plot line is very science fiction, but then when you read the script the characters are so fleshed out and it's really not about a vague sort of science fiction plot at all. Quote

QuoteI’ve been really fortunate to work with Bill Murray, Sharon Stone and Donald Sutherland and you always get a little bit like ‘Oh my God, they’re just so amazing.’ It’s a little intimidating to be working with these people. But, you get on the set and they’re just like so sweet, so willing to help.Quote