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Brian Goodman
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Brian Goodman

At age eight, Brian Goodman saw the television movie Brian's Song and just knew acting was something he could do. Raised in Boston, Goodman began looking locally for acting opportunities. He heard about a casting call for a film being shot in the city. He went in for an audition and was given his first role in Southie, a drama about a gang in South Boston. He went on to land speaking roles in the feature films Snitch (a.k.a. Monument Avenue) and In Dreams.

Goodman moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and pursued his acting career. Eventually, his fortunes turned and he landed a role in the film Scenes of the Crime. This brought him to the attention of producer Rod Lurie, who championed him for a role in his prison drama The Last Castle.

Goodman most recently appeared in Munich, Annapolis and Catch Me if You Can. His other features include Blow, The Black Rose, Just One Night and the short film Orphan. His television credits include Line of Fire, Boomtown and Thieves.

Goodman's favorite role is that of being a dad to his sons-Mark, 15, and Brian, 21. He works out and enjoys a variety of sports as participant and viewer: tennis, basketball, golf, softball and ice hockey. He resides in Los Angeles.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2006.

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