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Biography #2

Chris Pontius (born Christopher Andrew Pontius July 16, 1974 in Pasadena, California is an American entertainer and daredevil.

Pontius is a member of Jackass and, with Steve-O, co-host of Wildboyz.

Pontius grew up skating on his family's ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. He first appeared in issue 2 of Big Brother, boardsliding a handrail. Issue 8 featured an interview with Pontius and saw his first public nudity appearance, when he was still under the legal age of 18. In Issue 9, he wrote an article titled 18 ways to be an asshole.

Pontius worked for Big Brother until 1999, when he was fired for not showing up for a tour without telling anyone. After parting ways with Big Brother, Pontius drifted from job to job, including stints at Jamba Juice and working as a temp for Charles Schwab. After several months, he returned to the magazine with an article titled, Life After Big Brother, telling of his misadventures in the nine to five world. Pontius joined Big Brother editor Jeff Tremaine and contributor Johnny Knoxville with the Jackass crew in 2000. On the Jackass television show, Pontius went by the monikers Bunny The Lifeguard, Party Boy, Chief Roberts, Roller Bobby, Pontius the Barbarian, Mr. America, Garbage Man, Dutch Girl, and Bear Johnson (The Alaskan Porn Sensation).After Jackass went off the air, Pontius starred in Wildboyz on MTV and later MTV2 with Jackass alumnus Steve-O.

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