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Hiam Abbass
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Hiam Abbass

Hiam Abbass was most recently seen in a co-starring role in director Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu's Babel. Abbass was born in the actual town of Nazareth. She studies photography and theatre. In 1988, she left her home country and moved to London, then Paris where she began her acting career in movies. She worked early on with French and Middle Eastern directors including Rachid Mashharawi, Christophe Ruggia, Didier Bivel and Ahmed Boulane. Soon, she was starring in Raja Amari's Satin Rouge, The Syrian Bride by Eran Riklis and the Academy Award-nominated Paradise Now, directed by Hani Abu Asaad. Other film credits include Amos Gitai's Free Zone and Steven Spielberg's Munich. She has also written and directed two short films, Le Pain and La Danse Eternalle.

On Munich, Babel and The Nativity Story, Abbas worked as an acting coach, often helping children and other first-time actors to access their emotions for the camera.

She lives in Paris with her husband and two daughters.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2007.

Hiam Abbass Facts

BirthdayNovember 30, 1960 (61)
BirthplaceNazareth, Israel

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