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Biography #2 (for Georgia Rule)

Garrett Hedlund made an auspicious motion picture debut as part of the all-star cast in Wolfgang Petersen's Troy, the big-budget movie based on The Iliad, Homer's epic account of the Trojan War and the bloody battle between the Achaeans and Trojans. Hedlund, who portrayed Patroclus, Achilles' teenage cousin who aspires to become a warrior, co-starred opposite Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger.

Hedlund will next be seen in Death Sentence, for 20th Century Fox.

Hedlund was most recently seen in the film Eragon, co-starring with Djimon Hounsou, Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich; Paramount Pictures' Four Brothers, costarring with Mark Wahlberg, André Benjamin and Tyrese Gibson for director John Singleton; and Universal Pictures' Friday Night Lights, directed by Peter Berg and produced by Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment. Hedlund starred as tailback Don Billingsley, co-starring with Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke, Jay Hernandez, Lucas Black and Tim McGraw.

Only 18 when he debuted in Petersen's epic film, Hedlund was born in northern Minnesota and spent his high school years in Scottsdale, Arizona. He began taking private acting classes while in high school and prepared by reading screenplays of older films, watching those films on video, then pretending he was auditioning for one of the roles in the film. He also spent countless hours reading the Hollywood trade papers at his local bookstore, as well as calling agents in Los Angeles. He graduated from high school a semester early and immediately packed his bags and headed for Hollywood.

Bio courtesy Universal Pictures for "Georgia Rule" (02-Jun-2007)

Biography #3 (for Eragon)

Garrett Hedlund was born in Roseau, Minnesota, and spent his early years growing up on a farm. When his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, he began taking private acting lessons. After graduating high school, Hedlund moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

One month later he landed the role of Achilles' cousin Patroclus in the movie Troy (2004) opposite Brad Pitt. His next feature was Friday Night Lights (2004) in which Hedlund played a high school football player.

He then landed a starring role opposite Mark Wahlberg in Four Brothers (2005), playing one of four brothers whose mother is murdered.

Bio courtesy Fox for "Eragon" (16-Mar-2007)