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Nicholas Elia
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Nicholas Elia

Nicholas, at only 10 years old has a resume that rivals many adults. His acting career began when he was 5 years old. After a few commercials he was ready for the big screen with a great role in the feature film WHITE NOISE where he had the pleasure of playing Michael Keaton's son, the original script called for two sons but as soon as Michael and the producer met Nicholas they changed the script to only one son. After some more commercial work, Nicholas went on to appear in episodes of Masters of Horrors and The Dead Zone, where he worked with Anthony Michael Hall. He has also appeared in two more features and worked with more big name talent. In WHEN A MAN FALLS IN THE FOREST he appeared with Dylan Baker. Nicholas is very excited about his next project as he is headed to Berlin to work on the Warner Bros. Production of SPEED RACER. This is the next feature from Larry and Andy Woschowski and stars John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Emile Hirsch, Mathew Fox and Christina Ricci. Nicholas will be playing the young version of the lead character!! For children acting has to be fun but at the same time it is a wonderful educational experience and Nicholas has learned so much. On THE VIOLIN he worked through the language barrier with a Japanese production team and lead actor who spoke very little English and while working on THE FLAVOUR OF LIFE he learned about world history. Nicholas has traveled to Toronto and Calgary to work on commercials and while in Calgary he worked with a real live Bison. His trip to Berlin promises to be quite an adventure in itself! Whatever comes next, Nicholas will be ready for it and we can look forward to seeing lots more of him on TV and in Theatres.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2007.

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